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Senso Magic Pearls Blue Marine

Best at the end.

Multifunctional Fresh Bag Senso is not only a new car scent but since employing NEUTRAFRESH technology it can be also called the best odour neutralizer. In order to create it, small polymer beads have been soaked with French perfumes, put in tasteful bags and tided up with a ribbon. They look best on a rear-view mirror as well as on any other part of your car or even in a different interior that you wish to decorate and add a hint of style.

The fragrance release slowly up to 45 days.

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Logistics data

Way of packing Number of pcs Number of pcs in the packaging Quantity on the pallet Pcs on the pallet Image
Box 30 - 204 6120 -
Blister 24 192 46 8832 -
Display 15 150 46 6900 -